Things have certainly changed over the years, but none more so than in the past few.  In 2002 I separated from my wife.  In February, 2005 I was caught up in a layoff from Unisys causing a very different type of separation.  After several months of looking for a new career in this general south Jersey/Philadelphia area, by fall I accepted that I was retired and moved on to devote full time to my many volunteer pursuits.  In October of 2005, I re-married.  Today Pam and I share a happy new life in Beverly, NJ, just 30 minutes from downtown Philadelphia where we share many common interests.

Jim & Pam on wedding day, 2005

Jim & Pam on wedding day, 2005

2 Responses to “Life Changes”

  1. cee Says:

    PS.My mom and brother worked at Unisys around that time frame. Was it by Plymouth Meeting?


    Sorry for the multiple posts. I am still trying to naviagate this web site.

    1. gleasonjim Says:

      Not sure which time frame you are talking about. I worked for what became Unisys for almost 40 years, and since 1985 worked at the home office in Blue Bell, PA which is better know as Plymouth Meeting by its PA Turnpike exit name, so yes, that is the location I worked at for the last 20 years. What were their names? Maybe we have more in common than I first thought…

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