Life post transplant and even more so now in retirement, has been very fulfilling and fruitful.  I “webmaster” (never saw that word used as a verb before) several very different web sites, this personal home page being one, with my book (see below), TRIO (see, Second Chance (see, Asbury UMC (see and Fieldsboro UMC sites as examples of others.  It has been my pleasure to serve many different organizations including:
> TRIO (as a past Board member, national treasurer and now just as an member)
> UNOS (working on their national Thoracic Transplant committee and its Heart Allocation subcommittee for three years, and currently on the Membership and Professional Standards committee)
> Second Chance heart transplant support group (as Board Treasurer and Chapter President)
> MOST (Multi-Organ Support Team) as program chair
> Liaisons for Life as President
> Gift of Life Donor Program both in leading their Speakers’ Training Workshops and in many public speaking engagements promoting organ donation both locally and across the country (SanFrancisco, Las Vegas, Florida, St. Louis, etc.)
> NKF as past member of their Transaction Council, book reviewer for their web site and also editorial board member for the donor family newsletter
> UNOS as a regular book review columnist for their UPDATE magazine
> founder and leader for workshops on leading a fulfilled life after heart transplant, writing your book about transplant life and other events describing the UNOS and organ allocation process
> US Transplant Games medal winning athlete and volunteer for every games held bi-annually since 1996

Jim swimming at the US Transplant Games 2006

Jim swimming at the US Transplant Games 2006

> Transweb contributor and reporter
> Founder and Instructor for local community computer classes
> Author of “A Gift from the Heart” (see detail below)
… and so the list goes on, for as I say: “Life is GOOD!”

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