I am  …

Jim today, relaxing by the river

Jim today, relaxing by the river

– living in Beverly NJ (a small city just south of Burlington City in southern New Jersey)
– formerly of Oaks PA – a very small town outside of Philadelphia, PA (close to Collegeville and King of Prussia )
– formerly of Albany, NY;
– formerly of Richmond, VA;
– formerly of Metuchen, NJ (where I grew up and first got married);
– three years in Sidney, Australia (where I lived as a young boy of 8 years old and actually played with a neighbor’s pet kangaroos – yes, really did!);

and finally/originally,
– born in New Brunswick, NJ back in 1943, March 10th to be exact (and here’s me at an earlier age…)

"Jimmy Mike" at an early age
I mention all that only in case you and I may know each other from any of those places – there have been so many wonderful people that have touched my life over those many years.

13 Responses to “About Jim Gleason”

  1. cee Says:

    OK- I am younger than you, but I was raised in East Norriton and still have family there.
    Any old haunts you remember? Do you go down the shore?

    I saw your posting on yahoo transplant friends.
    I have yet to explore your site, but when I saw Oaks, PA I had to post.


    1. gleasonjim Says:

      Cee, I moved there later in life, growing up in New Brunswick NJ, not in PA, so I’m sorry but we don’t have any of those hauts in common. But it was nice of you to check me out and leave that message.

  2. cee Says:

    I see. About what time frame? Do you keep in touch with anyone on that area? The only reason I ask is that I know alot of people there. I have just begun to read your blog and realize you are so far ahead of me! Very interesting and provocative posts.

  3. Lynn Pearson Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Remember me? My writing friends and I published Liz Maxwell’s stories a few years ago. I hope that you are well. From your blog I can tell that you are having a healthy and vibrant life.
    We now have a new project.Something fun. I thought that you might be interested. Take a look at http://www.scribblermania.com. It’s an activity book for adults about the 60’s. Now technically you are not a boomer but you certainly remember the 60’s.
    Best always,
    Lynn Pearson

  4. Mike Jackman Says:

    Hi Jim, Great meeting you before labor day weekend at the Gift of Life Family House. Great blog you have going here. Really love the “Would you like a sharper Knife” post….amazing. Mike

    1. Jim Gleason Says:

      Mike, thanks for posting that comment and compliment. Yes, it was nice to make your acquaintance at the Family House that day too. – Jim

  5. Sheila Bilotta Says:

    Hi Jim,
    Are you the same Jim from “The Living Bank,” which promoted organ donation?

    1. Jim Gleason Says:

      No, not me if that’s really something called “the living bank”, but quite a coincidence since I am very active with our local organ donor program here int he Philadelphia area, doing lots of public speaking using my 17 year history with this transplanted heart to supprt that message. And I even went to high school (in New Brunswick NJ) with a girl of that same “Bilotta” last name. Thanks for reaching out to ask. – Jim

  6. I am sooooo glad we connected! What a living, vibrant testimony to perseverance you are! Wow, life is grand, isn’t it? 8^)

  7. Bob Pitcock Says:

    Hi Jim,

    I just this moment discovered your site here and it is very well created.BTW There is a organ donation orgination in this area of Texas http://www.livingbank.org/index.html I don’t need to remind you, my dear friend, you are truly a inspiration to many worldwide.I’m sure you are aware of the fact, I am almost 21yrs out post heart transplant, thank God and my heart donor. Bless your heart for being so involved in organ Donation. “It’s Not What You Gather, But What You Scatter That Tells What Kind Of Life You Have Lived”

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