I love music throughout the house here when I am doing many things. With Alexa service in all our rooms, I can just call out Alexa, play some 50’s music!” and if I add to that “… on the everywhere group” my favorite 50’s songs will begin playing throughout the home! It’s an awesome way to live every day here.

So, on to my story with that as background . . . This morning when I asked Alexa for some Doowop music, the first song was “Put your head on my shoulders…” by Paul Anka. As I listened to that refrain, again and again, two memories flooded back from 50+ years ago.

The first was from my days as a Metuchen First Aid squad cadet when I was maybe 17? One evening three of us were attending a regional cadet meeting some distance from our home town, so the three of us sat together in the front seat, he being the driver (don’t recall who), she (no name recall) in the middle, me on the passenger door side – got the picture? On that long drive, this young same age girl eventually sleepily put her head on my shoulder (same song title again!) and I was in teen heaven for the rest of that nighttime ride. Life was good! Sorry, that’s the whole story, no followup romance, just a moment in a young man’s life that played back this morning, some sixty years later – a wonderful feeling and memory that lasted maybe 30 minutes of my teen life.

Jim as volunteer cadet with Metuchen First Aid squad

Later in life, maybe I was early twenties in my computer career, commuting by bus from home to NYC to teach some technical classes. Each morning, a block from our home, a long line of commuters would line up to wait for the next bus. Bus would pull up, fill with the waiting passengers/strangers, and rest would await the next bus coming immediately behind that first one. Every working day, just routine. This particular day, I was joined in my seat by an attractive young lady – going to be a good day! No conversation, just close quarters on that crowded bus for the next hour til we unloaded at Port Authority Terminal in NYC and walked on off to the office. Fifteen minutes into that quiet ride, it happened again. She slowly and unknowingly (to her) ‘put her head on my shoulders’, sound asleep for the rest of that ride. Me? I was wide alert, very tuned into that magic moment of closeness between man and woman (doesn’t matter that she wasn’t aware!). For 45 minutes I was ‘in man’s heaven’ – enjoying every mile until we arrived at the terminal. Expecting some pleasant apologetic exchange when she awoke to find the situation, I was not prepared for what happened next: NOTHING! Bus stopped, she awoke, unaware I was even there, no less connected by that ‘heads on my shoulder’ relationship, just stood up and walked off with the rest of that crowd. Romantic moments over! And that’s that, until today when Paul Anka’s song reached down deep and brought back those two special moments for the first time.

Life was and still is good!

“Life is so GOOD!”