Marking my upcoming Oct 19th 25th heart transplant anniversary, I’ve been trying to go that
extra mile to use that milestone to educate the public that organ transplants work and often offer great life extensions
with my story with special thanks to my heart donor, Roberto Cuebas

(<– his photo seen here).



On June 10th I was honored with the UNOS National Donor Memorial award for service to the transplant community, especially with 20+ years of UNOS committee and twice UNOS board three year elections to serve on that board.  I wanted to share that special moment where both my wife, Pam (herself an organ donor mom) and Regina Cunningham, CEO for the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where I received that heart transplant and who sponsored my nomination for this unique award.

Join me for that event with this video recording (and know that when Sue Dunn, UNOS president, made her award presentation, she covered all of the points I was about to mention in my well prepared and practiced talk to follow, I had to throw away my 5 pages of notes and just ‘wing it’!)