With my renewed commitment to share via this blog regularly now, I thought a series on some general topics might be of interest.  Initial series topics would include things like . . .

  • Retirement Reflections
  • Hobby Happiness
  • Cookie Monster treats
  • Reflective Readings

. . . as some initial areas to write about that might be of interest to followers of this blog.

My granddaughter, Gail and I, having a great “cookie monster” day so many years ago (Gail is in her 2nd year of college now!)

Stay tuned to see if this renewed interest becomes the priority I currently feel for sharing amidst a busy life of many other ‘high priorities’ as I enjoy this fulfilled life as I live through my ‘eight decade’ as one doctor recently phrased it to my shock and surprise.  He was using that in the context of a compliment, saying “Mr. Gleason, you are an amazing patient, doing so well now in your eighth decade (as he was finishing an extensive month-long (expensive) series of internal testing for pancreatic cancer without finding any despite symptoms, a very good outcome I thought!)  My reaction was, “Hey, I’m not in my eighties yet!” only to step back and realize that when we are in our seventies, that indeed is our ‘eighth decade’ of life and in that realization, felt the blessing of his remark.  Each day I celebrate, as any good ‘Cookie Monster’ would, living a life extension through my 1994 heart transplant granted by the generous donation of a heart no longer supporting life in that donor, Roberto Quebas of Brooklyn, NY.

PS: In that doctor’s visit, the nurse who came out into the waiting area to find a Mr. Gleason to take back for his appointment was confused when I arose in response to her announcement, saying as we went into the clinic rooms, “Based on my file records of  age and conditions (many), I was expecting someone looking much older!”  Wow, she had made my day and so the doctor’s comments were just the icing on this cookie monster’s cookies today.

May your own life be filled with iced cookies today and every day.  As cookie monsters, we expect good things of life and in so looking for them, see them all around us and celebrate each with storytelling as in this day’s blog here.