I keep coming up with topics to share, BUT too busy living life to take time to post them here – that has to change since my heart filled life is too full to keep them to myself. So here goes for today, Aug 23rd, 2018.

“No lines!”

It’s a beautiful summer day here in southern New Jersey and I was off doing a few busy things that gave me something to share with you: there were no lines!

1st: went to the post office to mail a dozen of our TRIO transplant books for children to a lung transplant program out in California, expecting to have to wait in line at this busy site.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when I went in and was the only customer being greeted by the agent with a big smile (honestly he only smiled when I complimented him on his smile, then it grew and showed a wonderful positive attitude towards life) and friendly conversation as he handled my package.

2nd: on to a local bank to deal with two issues arising from that bank’s takeover of the original small one, again expecting to wait in line and have to transfer to a bank officer to resolve the issue.  No line, but instead a bank teller, not behind some glass protecting window, but out in front greeting me with an offer to help.  Explained my two issues, she looked up the account and ‘Voila!’ issues resolved easily and promptly.

3rd: Today is Thursday.  Stopped for a much needed haircut at my local barber shop, knowing I would have time to read my Kindle books while waiting my turn since this is “Thursday is our busiest day!” sign warned me to better come another not-so-busy day.  “Next!” was all I heard since there was only my barber on the phone warning a caller that “Thursday is my busiest day!” with nobody in the chair nor waiting in his outer wait area.  Nice chat, great cut, happy newly trimmed Jim!

4th: Went from the barber to the nearby Taco Bell since it was exactly noon and there we always get free soda and inexpensive foods, this time a Mexican pizza for just $4.  It’s lunchtime so I have my Kindle book to read as I would be waiting in line for sure now. Not so!  Nobody in line, my food was immediately prepared and once paid, delivered for some quiet reading time by the sunny window seat.

Finally, 5th: Stopping by for some light grocery shopping at local Aldi’s – between noon and 1 there would certainly be a wait in this line given a popular time for others shopping too.  “No line!” again, just a very quick checker with a friendly smile (encouraged by my complimenting her on ‘that friendly smile!’ which makes anyone smile so matter how their day is going once you do that.  Works EVERY time!)

So what are the chances, five stops, NO LINES on a beautiful busy summer Thursday?  I am so blessed and my cookie monster outlook on life like this allows me to celebrate each and every event with myself, the agent and now, you!

PS: “Cookie Monster” outlook – what’s that you ask?  Go to my book’s chapter explaining that self-created concept and see if you too might be a “Cookie Monster” at http://www.transweb.org/stories/heart/s3_p10.shtml or a slightly different version from the book, ‘A Gift from the Heart’ found at http://www.rjwitte.com/changeofheart/GiftFromTheHeart/Section3/Chp-43-COOKIEM.pdf