On a less personal story, while at that Washington DC conference last week I had a conversation with another attendee and in sharing the story about encountering a fellow attendee from the same small Edgewater Park NJ town, she shared her own ‘small world’ encounter traveling to this event.20170330_135722

She took a flight out of Denver to get here where she found herself seated next to a fellow traveler on his way from L.A. CA, not too busy scoring college blue book exam papers to engage her in polite conversation.  Seems her daughter is attending a small college some half hour from L.A. so when she discovered he was a college professor, she was surprised to also find out that he taught at that very school.  Naturally she asked if he happened to know her daughter by name.  Him not being sure, she shared a phone picture of her daughter.  “Ah yes, ” he acknowledged he not only knew her but realized that she was even taking one of his classes.  Reaching down to the small pile of blue book exams, the very next one he was scoring was her daughter’s exam paper.  What a ‘coincidence’ – if you believe in such things.

She couldn’t wait to get off the plane in Washington to call her daughter back in L.A. to let her know that she scored an ‘A’ on her exam!

I swear this is all TRUE, strange as it may seem to you.  It really is a VERY small world as I am sure you have discovered in your own life, yes?  You only have to be open to life’s adventures and have that  conversation with that stranger who took this later flight when his was weather delayed the day before when he was scheduled to fly.  And then to sit next to his student’s mother and to share in conversation that brought out this unique ‘blue book’ connection.   And then to be sharing that story with me the next day over a conference lunch, so I could share it with you here now.