I live in Edgewater Park, NJ, a 3 sq mile ‘township’ with little more than 2000 families living here.


Attending a meeting down in Washington DC last week, you can imagine my surprise in chatting with a new found friend at the art museum reception when he replied to my answer to his question of “So, where are you from?” saying that he had originally lived in that same tiny town area.  Mentioning our currently living directly across from the Beverly National Cemetery, he cited his home was on a nearby street from there.  What are the chances, huh?

Yes, we need to live our lives like we all live in ‘small town America’ never knowing who we may encounter in our world of travels.  And do you see that Edgewater Park phrase on the banner (“…town with a big heart”) – what a great place for this heart transplant guy to live!!

But as you will see in the next posting, part 2 of this topic, it can get even smaller . . .