Win10To provide a balanced and fair report, after that long story of my own technology challenging upgrade with a brand new PC to Win10 – that should have been an easy one, no? – my wife, Pam, experienced what I’m sure the Microsoft designers were aiming for. On her Windows 7 laptop when she recently received the invitation from MS for the Win10 free upgrade, she just followed the directions, backed up her files and took one step at a time without any issues, crocheting as she monitored its progress, responding to prompts as they were offered. Now I need to add she is very talented, technology savvy as a self-taught, read all the manuals (car, smart phone, etc.) regular user, so has all that going for her. A few hours later she was up on Win10 and exploring its new features, quickly surpassing my own understanding of anything beyond the obvious differences since, once upgraded, I went directly into production mode and still haven’t taken the time to really explore as she is now doing.

I mean, really, who reads manuals anyway? Pam does, and joins my son, Mike, in seamlessly upgrading his family’s three laptops without issue, while more tech savvy users like myself and some similar friends, find ourselves treading water, running uphill to accomplish the same success. Maybe that’s because we ‘mess’ with our systems to make them faster, different or whatever. Maybe there’s something to be said for just using the tool as provided and not creating work?  But like I said before, for me its more than a tool, its a hobby, one that keeps my mind young with those challenging puzzle solving issues.

To Pam, Mike and all those hundreds of millions of users out there who enjoyed similar successful Win10 installation without the tears, “Congratulations!