A few months ago we made our first visit to the famed Herr’s potato chip factory down in Chester, PA – loved the event and highly recommend the free factory tour and sample of chips hot off the assembly line!  There we saw uniquely flavored chips and have since found ourselves looking in local stores for whatever special flavor might appear.  Yesterday at Walmart two such items fell off the shelf into the shopping cart: “Fire Roasted Sweet Corn” chips and “Sloppy Joe” chips.  Who could resist trying those two, certainly not me (although it was Pam who was doing the shopping).sweetcornchips-01-446x494

Once in the car we immediately opened both bags to sample their taste.  “Sweet Corn”?  As one who loves sweet Jersey corn and can eat through half dozen ears at a sitting, I was BLOWN AWAY (as was Pam) at the amazing similarity to eating corn on the cob captured in those chips – most complain they are too salty, and even though I have to have salt both in the cooking water and on the melted butter dripping cob – yes, these are salty (300mg/13 chips), but “WOW!”  Herr’s has done magic in capturing that unique taste.  I will admit to not being able to eat too many, maybe four chips at one sitting, to maintain the enjoyment, drawn back hours later for another.

2015-08-09_134052As for the “Sloppy Joe” flavored chips, I confess I had to stop and think back on what I thought Sloppy Joe sandwiches tasted like, having not had any for some time.  Those tasty chips helped recall my long time favorite ketchup/tangy sauce meals of memory.  Another hit by Herr’s – yes, it was the taste of Sloppy Joe’s and while not as awesome a surprise reaction as I (and in reading on-line reviews, so many others agree) found in that ‘Sweet Corn’ variety, still a fun event ‘discovering’ these two special treats.

Actually, in researching on-line, it turns out neither are new, rather special flavors that come out for just a short time each year, available mainly at Walmart, always on sale for $2.58 for the “Value Size” bag.  Check them out if you’re looking for some very different taste experiences – certainly less messy than eating real corn on the cob, but then again that is its own very unique food experience, especially if its ‘Jersey corn’ and there is no other quite like that, at least not to this Jersey corn fan ‘born & bred’.