Yesterday on a minor food shopping trip, I found something very unique on their clearance rack: very small (lest I say ‘tiny’?) vials of a milk flavoring liquid (‘MILK MAGICMilk Magic: Liquid Infusions for Milk” it said on the label…) that were reduced from $3.99 to just $0.99. Looking closer at such a deep discount there were four flavors: Orange Cream, Cookies & Cream, Cotton Candy and (just plain) Chocolate, each vial good for 24 milk infusions (I love that product description).  Now I ask you, wouldn’t you have wanted to try at least one of those, especially for just 99 cents? Hey, I’m just a kid at heart (no pun intended with that ‘heart’ reference – smile!) and can’t pass up a bargain, even more so when it involves unique and sweet flavors like that. So I bought one of each.

At supper last night I ‘infused’ my low fat milk (healthy at least before I doctored it up, right?) with that Orange Cream flavor, just one squirt and I had a light orange looking glass of milk to try. Nice and cold, delicious and so I had to add some vanilla ice cream to keep it that cold and add that layer of white cream on top. Talk about ORANGE CREAM! “Wow!” What a delight! Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you – it was delicious – definitely “Orange Cream” as in those kids’ favorite Orange Creamsicles we so enjoyed as creamsicle


Each day we need to find some delight and it really is all around us, just waiting to be celebrated like this. You too will have some delight in your own life today and I do so hope you recognize it and reach out to grab and celebrate that with both yourself and friends like like I am here. What delightful life infusion will you discover out there today?

PS: As I was sharing this just out of curiosity, I went on-line to search the product and turns out there are two more really interesting flavors: Blue Raspberry and Strawberry Cream. milk magic 6pkAlso discovered there are no sugars (or calories) added with its use. Neat! Definitely going back to Acme today to buy more at that price. Amazon had the six-pack price at $32 (plus $4.99 shipping) and were out of stock, so that 99 cents is definitely a bargain.
PPS: Speaking of bargains, did I mention that Acme had a sale on their Nabisco cookies, $2.49/each, but get this, if you bought three of them, you got two half-gallons of Turkey Hill ice cream for free (usually selling for $4.99 each)! (FREE: My favorite price!)  So, of course, now we have cookies to go with that infused milk and ice cream to add to the glass to keep it cold and make it a ‘ice cream float” – Ah, life is so good!!

Now go get yours . . .