Life is so much richer when one enjoys a hobby in their busy lives. It really doesn’t matter what that hobby may be, even if its just sharing on social media like this.

For myself, and my best friend, Ray, we have shared the hobby of fresh water tropical fish for over 60 years now. In those early preteen days, we were lucky to have enough money to buy (or go catch in the pond in the woods) one or even a pair of some colorful fish, be they guppies or neon tetras or whatever. As the years past and we could afford more, the tanks got bigger and their contents of colorful plants and fish got more plentiful and varied. Now, as Ray and I are both in our seventies, we enjoy pretty much free reign in retirement to catch/buy just about anything our heart desires. But even then, we love the ‘good buy’ and travel far and wide on our fishin’ trips, no longer putting stiff knees through painful paces lugging and launching a canoe into the river to catch naturally, rather driving in comfort to fish stores searching for that special opportunity when we can get that normally $3.99 catch for a $1 on sale. We stop for lunch at Joe’s Crab Shop and share the ever new conversation and reliving memories of this lifetime friendship.

Then we come home, alternating between that first stop being Ray’s basement of 22 tanks, or my own home of three large tanks. We take time to admire each other’s latest catches and the busy life in those tanks before saying farewell with a traditional hug to drive the hour back to our own home and releasing the new fish and plants there. Don’t you wish you could see those tanks? Well, as it turns out you can, on-line in YouTube vivid living color. Come, drop by our ‘fish rooms’ and share in our lifelong hobby that is still a shared bonding for over 60 years now.

Link to Ray’s fish room (with over 13,000 views!):Rays tank

Link to Jim’s fish room (with music): bow tank

(if you enjoyed these, be sure to search YouTube for more using “Ray’s fish room” and “Jim’s fish room” as the search terms – there are more such treasures posted for your viewing pleasure)

So, what is your hobby? None yet? Search your heart and go get into one. It’s a lifetime of learning and enjoyment and relationships with fellow hobbyists.