It can’t really be so many months since posting here!  But it is.  Not for lack of thoughts and events to share, but due to that ‘busyness’ just never get back to do this.  “Sorry ’bout that!”

So right now, as another way to procrastinate on my list of important to-do’s, I am going to ‘just do it’ as Nike recommends and instead capture two whimsical thoughts of the morning . . .

Reflection on pills

As I went to take my morning pills as I do at 9am and 9pm each and every day, it is a source of constant amazement how quickly that two week (28 slots) supply of life saving medications runs out.  Who can be sneaking my pills?  Nobody else for sure, but that fact makes me face the flight of time we all are facing each and every day.  Where does it go so fast?  Isn’t it really just the same 24 hours each day?  Of course it is, but there really is a mathematical logic behind that sense of time moving faster and faster as we age, something as a long ago math teacher I either figured out or read someplace those many years ago.  Think about it: when you were age two, a year represented half of your life.  Now at 50 that same one year is one-fiftieth of your life, a much smaller slice of that same life experience (and now as I am in my 70’s an even smaller fast moving year of life).  But still, while I understand that fact, it’s an emotional experience when I find myself taking that last slot of pills which feels like I had just filled all 28 slots just a few days ago.

So what’s the big deal, you ask?  It’s a constant reminder of how fleeting life is and a renewal of the challenge of living each day of life to its fullest, whatever that means for each of us.  Whether we like it or not, today we will leave a mark on this world of ours and we hope and pray that that will be a positive one, not necessarily an earth shaking one, but one that in some way leaves the world a little better than when we touched it.  Yesterday I watched as a man in the food buffet line in front of me was challenged with hands that shook so hard that he couldn’t hold his plate without food bouncing off it.  It brought back memories of those early days of high meds post heart transplant in 1994 when my hands couldn’t even deliver a spoonful of soup form the bowl to my mouth with such shakes.  I offered to carry his plate to the waiting table and he couldn’t have been more thankful for that simple gesture of understanding and support.

In another moment last week, waling down a busy hospital hall, I noticed a young woman pushing a stroller with a very young baby stop look longingly at the sign over the ladies rest room.  I could feel her stress, but she had to pass it by with that stroller a hindrance to much needed relief.  I stopped and offered to watch the baby while she used the facility.  Before you protest, let me explain that it was a busy very modern hospital environment with many people around and I was well dressed and even had two badges hanging around my neck identifying me as a volunteer. So while a stranger, enough  signs of safety that with the pressures of her situation, she could accept my offer.  I spent the next five minutes  making fun comments to passing strangers who looked at this senior man with a baby in stroller rocking it back and forth, “Don’t ask!” I would say with a big grin.  She came out the ladies room door with a look of relief, both physically and with me still there safe with her child, emotionally.  With a words of thanks, she went on, hopefully for a trip home that was without stress now.

Just small opportunities offered in each of our days that offers a moment of decision to make a difference in the world (at least in one person’s life that day).  There will be more significant moments for sure, but for each of those two, this was an important one.  I am sure that they will ‘pay it forward’ when their own opportunity comes along.  That was the message recently in this well done YouTube video that I recommend to your viewing today:


Oh, almost forget that peanut butter in the subject line: Just had to make myself some breakfast as I was about to start my office work today.  What to eat?  Cereal and OJ?  That’s my daily routine.  But with some really fresh white bread nearby, my taste went back to a lifetime favorite, PB&J as they say.  As I spread a heavy layer of peanut butter and covered that with grape jelly, my thoughts returned to those childhood days when this was such a staple of breakfast or school lunches.  What is it about that combination that seems to hold such universal appeal?  Does that sandwich have similar great memories for you too?  I guess I’m just a big kid at heart, even these seventy years later, smiling as I type this post, trying not to get jelly squeezing out of the sides of that so soft sandwich on the keyboard.

PS: I actually found a cookbook recipe for making the classic PB&J sandwich!  I used that page as a handout in support of my food preparation demonstration required for a college course on presentation skills several decades back at Ursinus College, passing out samples to the class at the conclusion – got an ‘A’ in that event (smile)! .  Who would’ve know, huh?

I hope and pray that you are taking time out of your own busy day to do something fun as I just did in sharing these reflections with you here.  I promise to not take several months before sharing again, something I’ve said before, but this time…..