Ok, laying awake since 4:30am with all kinds of thoughts about what I had to get done, I took my own advice of giving up and just getting up after an hour and more of that.  Shaved, showered dressed and came into my office to tackle the too long TO-DO list but treated myself first to catching up on the news and came across this delightful story/video that I just have to share with you.

It’s easy to say life’s an adventure, and I truly believe and live my life based on that, but it’s seldom that we get to watch anyone really get into it as I saw in this story.  With tears in my eyes – tears of delight and laughter – I put that ‘urgent’ task list aside to post this reflection and let you enjoy and be inspired by the same.

Please, in this modern age of very short attention spans (dare I say ADD?), give it the full 10 minutes of watching these two ‘young’ ladies experience that adventure that life can offer each of us each and every day – and if you are not feeling their delight, especially in the final minute of the video, well, what can I say, it may be too late for you – but then, I say it’s never too late as long as you are still ‘above ground’ – so here’s my gift to you today, a challenge to enjoy the adventure by sharing in their wonderful story (with English subtitles – smile!)

And don’t hesitate to post your reactions as comments here, and to share this with family and friends . . .