Every other week, I am amazed when my two week pill case comes up empty and needs to be refilled. I swear somebody is sneaking my pills as I can’t believe its time to fill them again. Where did the 14 days go, seemingly passing faster with each passing year and one more birthday. (by the way, there is a real mathematical reason for that seemingly faster passage of time as we grow older, but that’s a subject for another posting)

Do you feel that way too? It’s a human nature kind of thing. So today my son, Michael, shared something that provided a thoughtful video featuring one’s life’s passage using jelly beans, 28,835 of them to be exact.

Personally, I enjoy jelly beans and to keep them from being too much sugar in my day, the other night, for example, savored one at a time, tiny but very flavorful Life Saver brand jelly beans, for about 10 minutes each, enjoying that pleasure with only 4 very small but intense ones (listed as just one carb each), a far improvement over a past practice which would have had me eating a full bag at a sitting.

Come join me (and over 4.5 million others) in watching this colorful and very creative analysis of how life is spent on average, leaving us with some very personal questions to reflect upon.  Just click on the image below . . .

jelly beans http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOksW_NabEk