Being Taco Bell fans, we had to go out to breakfast this morning to experience the first day of Taco Bell’s new breakfast fare.  Result: we loved it!  Tried the A.M Crunchwrap – more than enough for one’s filling breakfast – tasty – was so good, I’m sure it must not be healthy.

tb am crunchThen we tried the Waffle Taco – with sausage (available with bacon or steak too) – even Pam, who isn’t a sausage fan, gave it a good review, commenting that the sausage wasn’t as spicy as many are (lacking fennel spice?)

tb waffle taco




Overall, with other items also tried (like their breakfast burrito), we’d say it was a hit and with their California product people in attendance (yes, right here in little Delran, NJ) for the opening, we got to chat with them (they shared that this breakfast menu is 8 years in development! – boy, that’s being cautious to make sure it goes out as a good experience) and praise this launch.

Would we recommend it?  Yes, but everyone’s tastes are different, so not sure you will agree with our findings, but definitely worth a try.


Total breakfast cost for those three entree items plus two ‘senior drinks’ (read that as ‘free’) was just a little over $6, which was really too much food for comfort, so typical breakfast for us would be about $3 for two.  Those free sr drinks make a big difference.