. . . in postings here since last November.  It really is with all good intentions that I mean to share something here on a more regular basis, but life is so busy that days turn into months and nothing gets put here. hearts

First, let me say to all my romantic friends out there, I do hope you are planning to enjoy a passionate Valentive’s Day this coming week with someone special.  We are die-heart fans of the very popular comedy TV series, the Big Bang, watching reruns over and over, watching full seasons again through Netflix, as we wait for each “new” episode to come out Thursday on CBS.  Also just discovered we can catch up on missed shows with our Comcast’s “Infinity On Demand” as our busy schedule sometimes has us away form the TV on Thursday night, a new freedom t

uncle remus

hrough technology!  All of that was just to say that the show this week was their Valentine’s Day episode and it was a hoot as I finally caught up with it tonight before the Olympics came back on.  Hope you too, as originally told in the famous Uncle Remus stories, find your “laughing place” like I, Pam and “br’er Rabbit” did in his brier patch.

Speaking of the Winter Olympics, did you catch that beautiful opening Friday night on NBC?  Wow, what $51 billion can buy!  Russia sure got their story and history out in some amazing technology there.  Awesome!!  I don’t follow much in sports (yes, we did watch the Super Bowl, but honestly, if someone offered me $1m to answer the question that Sunday morning who were the teams in that event, I would have not won the money.  In fact, when our pastor, the amazing John Doll (of Asbury UMC in Cinnaminson NJ – stop by and see for yourself – or you can watch my recordings of our weekly service at MyAsburyUMC.com) – opened his sermon with “I know I don’t need to remind anyone of today’s big game…” I was indeed surprised and needed that reminder to tune in and watch later that day), we do enjoy the figure skating, so beautiful.  Tonight was the pairs skating, ah, now that we do enjoy and stop to watch.  I hope you are taking time out of your own busy life to enjoy whatever turns you on too.



. . .  and with that it’s 1am Sunday morning, tired now but I did finally add some thoughts to share here with you – but I promise to be better throughout 2014. ?????????????????