But today was one of those very few times I have done so.  Prompted by AOL’s Serenity Saturdays where they ask people to share their captured moments of serenity, I went and found myself linking to Twitter, scrolling down a long list of people’s posts in response to that invitation.  Hey, I can do this and promote organ donation and thank my donor in the process.  I went to my Twitter account (“Damn, what is my user id and password?” – oh, now they want me to reset that password, so much for keeping my easy common password to use there – oh well, that’s now password number 1,256 to remember!)

And so I Twittered for maybe only the 20th time in 10 years (“Has Twitter even been around 10 years?”) with this celebration of life, a scene captured by Pam one day past on the nearby Delaware River on the Jersey side that is my favorite and truly one of relaxation that promotes everyone to sign up to be an organ donor along with saying thanks to my very special donor family.

In case you too ‘don’t Twitter’ here’s the ‘tweet’ as I think its called.  Once every few years isn’t too bad, is it?

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