I’m currently reading yet another amazing heart transplant biography that shows the amazing strength and resilience of the human spirit.  Facing two heart transplants in one week, months of very challenging recovery in the hospital, to today where he lives a normal life with loving family again, with a kidney donated by his loving wife.  Check out that book, I Left My Heart at Stanford, on Amazon by clicking on that title.


Today, in yet another amazing true life story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds of being born without arms, now working full time and living what for him is a “normal” life, driving (can you imagine how he drives w/o hands and arms?), adapting to challenges any of us would not believe but can be inspired in seeing him in daily action, you can see this story in the video at http://www.wimp.com/designscomponents/

Enjoy, and then go on facing your own life challenges with renewed belief that if they can do what you read and view in these stories, you certainly can do your own, getting through your day too.  As for me, I am working in my office, looking out the window at Pam’s beautiful garden, watching an amazing display of aerodynamics as a humming bird does his daily visit on the flowers in hanging planters just outside that window.  Life is good and I pray that you too are living that same experience today and every day as we count our blessings.