Back in March 2001, I had the unique opportunity to share my heart transplant story on NPR (National Public Radio) for a show titled “Been There, Done That” that was focused on the topic “Starting Over” – somehow the host had gotten wind of my story.  So I found myself in the studios of WHYY in Philadelphia facing a huge microphone and his questions from across the table for the show that I share here with this link to that audio.

(Funny thing, recently I was looking for that show on-line and found the show had gone off the air.  Their archived shows were still listed on their web site, so I excitedly tried to link to that show to hear it again only to find it was no longer available.  Disappointed, I accepted the loss and moved on.  Now, just a week later I rediscovered by accident that I had that recording in my on-line book, A Gift From the Heart, and so am able to provide that listening experience here now…)

Click on title to download the MP3 audio file: Been There, Done That