One of the most frequently asked questions I have gotten over these past almost 19 years with my heart transplant have to do with whether there have been any changes or memories that came about as a result of my receiving the heart from another.  My factual response is “No, that has not been my experience… BUT…” and then I share my very unscientific research over the years on this fascinating topic.  That conversation usually begins with the story of Claire Sylvia’s heart and lung transplant up in Boston in the late 80’s and her amazing experience learning about her donor and taking on some of his tastes and characteristics.  Paul Pearsall later used her story along with some 40+ others of heart recipients who had experiences along the lines of memories carried over from their donor’s life that cannot be yet explained by modern science.

I knew Claire and had several conversations with her over the years and believe her story.  Her book, A Change of Heart, was even made into a made for TV movie titled, Heart of a Stranger, so if you are interested in this topic I would suggest you start there.  For now, I just ran across yet another resource on this topic on YouTube in four segments, the first of which focuses on Claire’s story.

I decided to go back and add the links to those videos to what I thought was a chapter I had written on that subject, only to discover maybe I didn’t write it (at least not yet).  So to capture it for my own later use and to share it with you now, I’ll list those four YouTube videos here so you can get some background for forming your own answer to that question.

Enjoy and when (if ever) I get around to adding that chapter to my own book, I’ll post that here too, but given how very busy life is, don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

And here’s another on-line article on the subject “Cellular Memory and Transplant Recipients” :

and for more in-depth discussion, link to “Phenomenon of Memory Transplant” at:

And if you have any related cellular memory post transplant experience you are willing to share, please feel free to post your own comment here.

And in closing, in answer to your anticipated question, no, I still haven’t had any cellular memory from my heart donor, but to your next question, yes, I do believe it is possible even if science can’t support or explain that yet.  I’ll keep reading and following this subject until they do, but in the meanwhile, it sure does make for fascinating conversation over (virgin) cocktails (smile).

"My mind (and heart) remain open to the possibilities . . ."

“My mind (and heart) remain open to the possibilities . . .”