Recently I had the honor of being interviewed as one of several heart transplant leaders of our local 800 member heart transplant support organization based in the Philadelphia (PA/NJ area) for an article featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Heart Health newspaper special section that came out Thursday (2/21/13).  Both the interviewer and the photographer did a great job in what became a full page plus article about the group.  Interestingly the photos in the B&W print version are different than those in color in the on-line version.

Check them both out, first here in this scanned image,

2nd Chance Phil Inq article 2 21 13

print version of the article (on-line link follows)

and then clicking here –> link to the on-line version article

Jim wi photos 2013 Phl Inq article

where its possible to read the full article.  (article by Don Sapatkin, photos by Tom Gralish)

             Yes, as both photos display, life is good!

PS: As my usual good luck would have it, these photos were taken just one day before some extensive nose surgery to remove skin cancer, a real “nose job” that definitely would NOT have worked with that article.

Now, a week later, things are getting back to normal with those two black eyes and a very swollen red nose stemming from the surgery becoming a fading memory and lesson in vanity.  That photo you DO NOT want to see!