1400 and counting, coming into the home stretch – but “Help!”

Well Nov 30th is close and the UNOS video donor testimony contest is about to end midnight this Friday.  Here’s where we stand coming down to that finish line.  With my video posted on day 1, Nov 1st, we have accumulated over 1400 votes with your help.   For the first three weeks that was good enough to stay in first place with a constant challenge from the #2 video story, with a lead of between 70 and 200 votes at any particular time.

Then it happened!

Just last Wednesday, very late into the month long contest, a new entry came up with over 1500 votes in their very first day! Adding another 700 the next day to move way out front with over 2200 votes.  At first, I was even suspicious that someone had figured out how to hack the IP addresses to cast all those votes using some computer technology, but in researching that person it turns out to be legit.  She is the “senior media liaison” in some federal government Executive branch office with a Facebook page that has over 5,000 LIKES!  They must be very supportive and dedicated fans because by today she has almost 3800 votes.  So much for that iPad first prize I was anticipating.

That original 2nd place story has continued slow and steady and is now about 200 votes ahead of us – a nice lead going into the final three days, but I’m optimistic that if we can “get out the vote” each day from today through Friday, we can retake the 2nd place spot – and that’s where my challenge to you comes in.

I was about to just let it go when I thought “No, let’s still go for it and see what we can do..” using a slightly different approach, one that several of our “voting team” have already done.  Instead of just adding one or two votes each day, I’m going to ask you to still vote that way today, tomorrow and Friday, but to also ask you to reach out to your 2 (or more) closest and most dependable friends to MULTIPLY our votes in asking them to do the same – vote and reach out to their 2 friends!

That’s exponential geometric growth vs. the current much slower arithmetic growth

I’m really curious to see what we can do by Friday.  Are you with me in this little experiment?

If yes, cut and paste the following and then pass it along to your network today and lets see how far we can grow the current 1,418 votes to win that second place by Friday.

———————————-  cut and paste message below  ————————————————————-

Please help spread the word about organ donation and transplant success by voting for my friend, Jim Gleason, whose video testimonial to his heart donor, Roberto, is in the top three leader slot for an online contest  found on the http://www.transplantliving.org/jim-gleason/  web site.  Jim is a heart transplant recipient out 18 years, living life to the fullest through the gift of that donated heart.

Step 1:

Vote now!  You can vote each day again, and even multiple times each day but from different IP addresses, so voting on-line from home, then from work and even your smart phone you can make multiple votes each day , so vote now at http://www.transplantliving.org/jim-gleason/

Step 2 (this is the important one!):

Then, please paste this message into your own e-mail appeal and send it to at least two of your own friends/family, asking them to do the same.  This UNOS contest promoting organ donation ends in just two days, Friday, Nov 30th, so we are trying to see how much a difference we can make in these last days of voting. 

Please help – vote now at http://www.transplantliving.org/jim-gleason/ – and thanks for your vote(s) and for passing this along.

Thursday, 10am vote count is: 1,423 – what can we get that up to by Friday?

———————————–  cut and paste message above  ————————————————