UNOS Transplant Living Video Contest update

“801 votes!!!!” and still counting – BUT – after a great push last Monday when we pulled ahead widening the gap from 70 to almost 200 votes, that 2nd team is catching up again, narrowing the gap by 20 votes each day now, bring them to within 114 votes as of late Saturday night.

Thanks to your voting support, the swimming video testimony to my heart donor, Roberto, is still in the lead.

This is a picture of Roberto’s brother, Gil, who help the family make that decision to donate his heart which makes that video story possible now, eighteen years later.

So as we move into the final 13 days, we need your votes now more than ever.

Vote early and often

Remember you can vote each day thru Nov 30th – and you can vote from work AND your smart phone too – each different IP source counts as a separate vote, so in addition to your home computer, voting from work and phone would make up to three votes per day for the rest of November = up to 39 votes each, and that could make the final difference…  and we just discovered that you can use your smart phones from multiple locations in the same day since when you connect through a different cell tower, that’s a new IP address, so keep that in mind if you are also voting by smart phone.

A special thanks

Also, a special thanks to many who have reached out to their Facebook family and friends with the same invitation to really multiply those votes even further, so please pass along this update to keep them helping for these final days of voting.

Keep it up . . .

Save this link address and each day go to

and vote, as many times as you can – as a large voting team, we can do this.

Thanks for your ongoing support,

Jim Gleason
heart recipient, Oct. 19, 1994