Somebody said, “We can’t afford to put on the US Transplant Games any more.”  Somebody else said, “We can’t afford not to put on the games!”  That one believer/advocate went on to organize and lead a support team to host the new “Transplant Games of America” to be held with too short a time to put it all together in Grand Rapids, MI. and then went ahead anyway and made it all happen.  What a great time we all enjoyed there this past July.

Locally our Gift of Life Donor Program again pulled together the (in-)famous Team Philadelphia, known for its large size and strong medal winning team of transplant athletes, donor families and supporters (especially Howard Nathan and his staff).  While many couldn’t be there in person, you and they can now watch the Team Philly video of the 2012 games event here on the web.  Both Pam and I were fortunate to be a part of this grand fun adventure yet again.  The team photographers did a great job capturing everybody on our team.  Now, along with everyone team member, we look to see ourselves captured in these wonderful video moments that are now just a memory, but enjoyed again in watching this team video over and over.

Come, join in the fun as we watch it again: