We just got back from a week in Grand Rapids, MI, a long 12+ hour drive from home here in New Jersey, but well worth the drive and fun times at the 2012 re-invented transplant games from the discontinued US Transplant Games run these past 20+ years by NKF.  The Michigan group did an amazing job in a very short time creating this 1,000+ athlete competition  July 27 thru 31st there in mid-America,

By way of sharing our vacation, here are some personal photos and the official Transplant Games of America recap video:

Pam and I cheering the swimmers from the poolside bleachers

The pool (that’s me in the distance of the center lane) looks a lot longer when you are in the water looking ahead with two laps to go . . .

Can you feel the smile as I swim? It’s not my usual panic with hyper-ventilating, just enjoying the swim this time.

I didn’t come in last in my heat, but not in the winner’s circle of 60 to 69 year old bracket – next time (2014) I should be in a smaller age group and stand a chance (but so will several others from this bracket moving up too . . )

See, still alive, with a big smile no less – and was able to share this success of Roberto’s heart with his brother by phone after we got back . . . Gil was very pleased to hear his brother’s heart was still beating so strong.

Meet Isa and Ana, good friends and stars of “The Power of Two” documentary showing the success of lung transplant over Cystic Fibrosis (once fatal for young children)

And then there was the riverboat dinner cruise hosted by the “Quarter Century Club” – recipients all out over 25 years with their transplants . . .

So come now and watch the highlight video from the games with us. . .