While I never founded this site for much more than a simple self-expression adventure, as of today it has had 15,472 visitors! Amazing.

In scrolling down through past postings, I was impressed with the variety of topics and interesting multi-media links in those many postings – over 140 to date.

That variety is a reflection of my life, constantly learning new things, exploring subjects and reading books that are often even beyond my understanding, but stretching my mind in their reading. Currently, by way of example, I’m (still, over a year into it…) reading FROM ETERNITY TO HERE: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time all about multi-verses (i.e. multiple universes) and black holes, entropy, etc. basically trying to understand why, in our universe we can only move forward in time, not backw2ard – really deep challenging but exciting science reading.  More recently,  faster reading, THE IDEA FACTORY: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation, telling the amazing story of Bell Labs over history – 1920’s through 1980’s – through the eyes of the brilliant scientists and leaders that gave our modern society the communications system (and so much more) that we know and enjoy today.  This later interest arose when I was offered the opportunity to go meet and listen to its author speak in person next week here in Philadelphia, so of course I will bring that book for the author to autograph (just for the fun of it).  What fascinating variety of life.

Life is good!

In the same vein of living life to its fullest every day, two weeks ago we hosted a fun event at Schneider’s restaurant down at the Jersey shore, in beautiful beach area Avon-by-the-Sea. Over 30 friends gathered to celebrate their lives, anything from transplant anniversaries to birthday, wedding anniversaries, anything they wanted to share together.  TRIO Philadelphia chapter honor our friends, Bev and Johann Schneider, Johann a long time heart transplant survivor, with a special gift for his promoting organ donation over the years at his restaurant, and for being the site for such dinners.

It was a great time, and as is my custom, while there, we ventured over to the beach for an annual swim. Yes, it was early June so expecting the ocean waters to be their usual too cold for comfort (but that doesn’t get in my way, just as it didn’t almost 20 years ago when my mother and I revisited Bondi Beach in Australia, a beach town where we lived back in the late 1940’s, now a topless beach that was still in their winter season – but despite that cold, I had come too far not to go for a freezing swim). Surprisingly, the Jersey June ocean waters were not TOO cold, rather even comfortable for that annual dip, captured here with Pam and her camera.

Jim swimming off the Jersey shore, June 2012