A friend shared the link to a BBC special show on TRANSPLANTATION today that I just had to pass along to you.

The 60 minute YouTube video of that show traces the stories of four families from the time of waiting, through the donation/transplant surgeries and then continues through the post surgery challenges each face.  The movie is well done, capturing the human dimensions of everyone involved (especially the surgeons who candidly offer us insight into their lives too) so well that I found myself not just being an observer, but emotionally responding to the poignant moments with tears and more tears.  Certainly relating back to my own heart transplant going on 18 years ago now, but more recently that kidney cancer removal surgery this past January, I felt the risk and concern of patient and family as they faced their unknowns, just as my family and I did this time around with no certainly of outcome guaranteed.

But blessed with a complete recovery both back in ’94 and now here in 2012, I appreciated again the miracle of both surgeries and how smoothly they went as I watched each family in the BBC special deal with their post surgery challenges and repeated hospital visits and stays.

Come watch this very special show, but be warned that this is another “tissue alert” viewing, so come prepared as these families allow us into their lives, hopefully supporting your decision to be a registered organ donor . . .