. . . that I sometimes let too much time go by between posting to my blog here, I was pleasantly surprised to see two statistics:

  1. that this is my 123rd posting, and …
  2. this blog site has received over 12,100 visitors as of today

I am humbled as that average is now about 25 visitors per day.  I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Actually, I just clicked back through many of those postings and have to say (not boasting, just impressed) that the ongoing quality, variety and interesting topics and videos truly amazed even me.  Try that yourself, even if you have visited them before, the test of interest for me is that if you revisit a posting and it proves as interesting on the revisit as the first time, that’s a good post.  The other “test” is if that post has generated action on the part of the visitor, hopefully to add their own thought or comment to that thought provoking topic/video. So, you may ask, what is the most popular posting out there?  Believe it or not, its “Holding hands” which by no coincidence is one of my all time favorites too.   To make it easy for you to see what I mean, here’s that “Holding hands” again, as I read it at a local church event:


Tonight though, I stopped in that review looking back on “Welcome home” and that one is such a “feel good” video that my heart just smiled at it all over again.  Need a smile today yourself, come back and watch this one with me now: (click on –>) http://bcove.me/r3iqupid

My choise for today: sitting by the river

So are you smiling after watching that one?