While this may appear to be an advertisement, that is not my intent.  I am a huge fan of the Simple Truths books of inspiration, having build my own extensive library of them (make that by actual count here, 37 individual titles) which I use regularly.  Additionally I have purchased about 1,000 books through various organizations to give away to patients and conference speakers/attendees or as personal thank you gifts, so you can see I am a true fan.  Each volume is so beautifully illustrated, full of inspiring “food for thought” and inexpensive – most were on-sale for just $10 to $15.

Today I came across one of their many promotional “movies” that offered a very inspiring collection of “10 Rules for Being Human”  based on the book, “If Life is a Game… These are the Rules” that was so well done and of more than just advertising value in offering the full 10 rules in its 3:42 minute showing, that I was moved to share it here with you.  While the book itself offers much more depth to each rule in its full 154 pages, this short summary gives much food for thought in just 10 “pages” of rules with a few sentences to each.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.  Just click on the title above or the book image below to provide some food for thought in your day today.  Each “rule” will give you pause to reflect on it in your own life and I welcome your comments about those reflections here on our blog to be enjoyed and a benefit to all our readers.

Thanks for being so human and for being here for me and all of us.

10 Rules for Being Human book cover