If you get up expecting the best in your day, you are very likely to find exactly that.  Today is just another example of that in my own daily life.  Up and out early (6am) for my post transplant dermatology clinic visit (7:15am appointment down in the big city/Philadelphia), I breezed through the rains in very light traffic (a very positive start to the day) to what might be a painless but still tough skin cancer surgical procedure.  Always claiming to be not a vain person, one only has to undergo facial surgery that take 20+ stitches to close to test that bravado claim.  I am more vain than I thought, it turns out.  But that began several months ago and while a long scar from forehead to bridge of nose remains, that skin cancer is gone.  Now to other areas and I don’t feel any more comfortable than I did back then as I entered the huge hospital pavilion.  But today I was wearing a huge sombrero with a beautiful colorful band around it.

A surprise for Dr. Miller

That caught passing staff and patients’ eyes, not my scar.  Dr. Miller has presented at our local transplant support group meeting in June and in that talk gave strong advice about wearing protective covering if in the direct sun and said: “If people aren’t making fun of your hat, its brim isn’t wide enough!”  So I went and bought this huge $6 Mexican sombrero with his words posted on its brim to both surprise him and his staff, as well as present this as a thank you gift for that talk, hoping he might mount it on his office wall as a constant reminder to patients of those words of wisdom.  Well, as laughing died down, it was a big hit that he very much appreciated, as did his staff who welcomed this uplift and smile on a dreary rainy Summer Monday morning.

As I waited in the examining room, I was getting into what turned out to be a very special book, “Unexpected Blessings: Finding Hope and Healing in the Face of Illness” by Roxanne Black, founder of Friend’s Health Connection, herself a two time kidney transplant recipient and Lupus survivor of many decades now.  Her writing is so easy and uplifting with great stories of her life experience involving so many others along the way.  I’ve read more than 50 transplant books but none as delightful as hers.  My gift to you today is my recommendation that you go out and find it on Amazon and buy it.  As your own heart is touched by it, remember “Jim, the heart guy, told you about it.” (smile)  And if you are so moved, come back here and post your own reactions to that reading here for all to see.

Well, the appointment was over in record time with just two simple biopsies taken and followup appointments in October, so I got off easy today, a pleasant surprise.  Now to reach out and call that author and get to know her better.

Once home, got news that a significant grant in support of our third year of building a TRIO Transplant Presentation Library of DVD recorded presenters was approved! This day keeps getting better and better.

So as yet another delight,  a small cherry on top of this day so far, was discovering the following America’s Got Talent You Tube performance by a group of very unusual illuminated dancers.  Check them out in the video here and share in my fun day (and its only noon, so much more to come today…):