For many years now I have been sharing two things in speaking to many audiences from coast to coast – that facing death isn’t scary (based on my three times of having “been there, done that”) – and the personal experience of writing my obituary and then coming back to the present to see what I would have to do to make that obituary’s imagined list of life accomplishments (ala “bucket list”) come true with the unknown time we have left in this life.

In today’s TED presentation, a passenger from the front seat of that plane that ditched in the Hudson River January of 2009, shares his own insights into life after coming face to face with death in that crash. In it he relates in his own very special and emotional way, the same two messages I offered above. Watch and enjoy, but more than that, take the challenge to heart and actually think through and take action based on that reflecting when he’s finished.

TED talk about plane crash experience

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