For a long time I have been aware that words can either empower or limit us.

One example is the word “problem” which seems to drain hope and energy by the very nature of the word itself.  If we use the word “challenge” in its place, that seems to change the very nature of how our mind reacts to the situation.  “Challenge” creates a positive atmosphere that inspires or motivates one to overcome that challenge by our very nature, whereas “problem” seem to weigh us down.  Can you feel it when you just change that one word in a sentence, replacing “problem” with “challenge” – I can and have made it a lifetime habit to avoid that one word, replacing it with the welcome one of “challenge” which speaks to hope and success in overcoming with the thrill of success in accomplishment.

Another similar exchange of words is “will” or “do” for “try” – “try” has such implications of “well maybe, maybe not” while “I will…” strongly speaks to our subconscious of  intent to really do something, not just halfheartedly just  “try” to do it.

Feel the difference in the following:

  • “Let’s try to get together again for lunch soon.”
    or . . .
  • “Let’s (do) get together for lunch next Tuesday at noon.”

Care to bet on which will actually happen?  Now you get the idea.

I was pleasantly surprised in coming across the following powerful video tool to help change a bad habit of using the word “try.”  Enjoy this very short but powerful Yoda message from Star Wars:

Do you remember the rest of that scene?  Using the “force” Luke raises the transport ship up from the mud, possible once he overcomes his inner doubts as expressed in the word “try” when Yoda commands, “Do or Do not; there is no try…”

It is amazing how those two simple substitutions of words have made a difference in my own life.  I share them with you here and know it will work for you too.

Do you have any other such pairs of words that create such a difference when one is substituted for the other?  Add your response in a comment reply to this post…