Yesterday I scored big when shopping at our local Kohl’s store.  I bought a new pillow to replace one I felt had gotten too soft.  It was on sale for 50% off.  Then I used a 30% off mailer coupon and on top of that received a 20% gift card for a later purchase.  Net was that new big firmer pillow cost us $2.80!  Pretty good huh?

Well pride goest before a fall, as they say.  Last night I climbed into bed looking forward to the feel of that new “great buy” pillow.  Oh, it felt so good.  So different than what I had been used to.  Throughout the night and even into this morning I very much enjoyed the new feel. It was plumper than that old one that was overdue to be replaced.

Imagine my surprise when I got up and noticed the new pillow, still in its plastic case, over on the bedroom chair!  I thought Pam had replaced my old one with the new one but in fact she had only put it aside.  I laughed out loud at myself causing a voice from the other room to call out, “What’s so funny?”  I shared my story and together we laughed out loud at the silly human (all too human) that I am.

Well tonight I will try out the new pillow, the $2.80 “great buy” new pillow, and see what that feels like.  Meanwhile, lesson learned (yet again).  Sometimes its all in one’s attitude that makes the difference.  Thinking it was “new” that old friendly broken-in pillow really felt great last night.  Obviously its in the eyes of the beholder, the attitude we bring to the situation, that creates our reality.

That same lesson can be seen in the following amazing video story.  While mine is trivial, his is definitely more serious and amazing, but both convey the same lesson, we really can control our world through that attitude.  Watch this and then see how you can apply the lesson to your  own daily life.  Meanwhile I hope you laughed along with me, enjoying life while reaffirming this important lesson.