give of yourself every day

Surprise gift basket from the casino

Recently a casino was holding its grand opening in our Philadelphia area.  It was the talk of the town, both in protest and in support.  Personally, we are not gamblers, never going to the casinos, but certainly this was newsworthy being so close to our home here in southern NJ.  Imagine my surprise when someone called trying to register to attend that “preview grand opening” that featured a day of treats and free gambling.  “Sorry…” I replied, “but I know nothing about this event.” “But it gave us your name and number to call and register…” they said.  So much for a mystery call that day.

Soon after, I received an e-mail with the same message, just a different person trying to register as two guests responding to their invitation received in the mail.  Then another phone call, same request, different persons.  What was going on here?  Asking questions of these callers, their replies were similar.  They were just doing what the invitation said and in going on the web there was my e-mail address and phone number right after the name of the casino and the event information.  Strange!

I called the casino and talked to a very nice lady in community relations who in turn passed this information on to the IT department to research.  A day later the mystery was solved.  Seems when you used the web address they had on that mailed invitation, there was a slight mistake and it instead went into a Google search on that event.  Recall that Google returns a short intro line for a search that shows the beginning of the document found followed by several dots and then the ending text of that same document.  The Google result was a local Philadelphia events document which happened to lead with the casino opening event and, following that “dot dot, dot…” spacing – ended with an event that I host at our local Gift of Life organ donor program, which naturally was just my phone number and e-mail address with my name.  Sure looked like a complete message that directs people to contact “Jim Gleason etc.” for that casino event, which is what many people did.

I enjoyed the calls, all very nice people calling for a fun and free event, and got used to easily handling such callers with respect and good “customer service” directing them to the proper registration and wishing each “good luck and have fun” in completing each contact.

Imagine our surprise when several days later the basket of cheer shown above was delivered to our doorstep, a simple but unexpected thank you for our courtesy from the casino people.  Of course it included our own personal invitation to attend that gala opening, but being busy with other family events, we passed on that part of the very nice opportunity.

Its all about attitude in daily life happenings.  I never felt negative about those misdirected callers, rather took the attitude of delivering good “customer service” for an organization I didn’t even work for, expecting nothing in return except the smile of that caller.   Sometimes such an attitude results in a pleasant surprise in one’s busy day.

Where was your chance of changing the world with your attitude today?  I’m sure it was there in your life, but did you notice it, and more importantly, how did you handle that opportunity?


“There is little difference in people,
but that little difference makes a big difference.

The little difference is attitude.

The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

– W. Clement Stone