In one of those rare “Ah ha!” moments years ago, we were visiting the Hayden Planetarium in New York City.  Experiencing the “Tour of the Universe” they used the phrase “Observable Universe” and ever since I have used that term with amazement at that thought, “the observable universe” – so vast, so unimaginable yet they have captured with actual images (no animation in the sense of lab created scenes) this dome show experience of what a space travel to the outer reaches of our universe would be like if we could actually take a personal space ship trip there.  It certainly puts into perspective our own earth and the facts of a very limited environment that we too often treat as infinite when it comes to human excesses of waste and pollution, global warming, etc.

Another of my long time favorites it the web’s site that offers a huge variety of fascinating presentations by global experts on all manner of topics.  This morning I stumbled upon one that took me back again to that NYC trip and experience, yet much more limited but viewable right here in my home office.  Come take a trip to the “edge of the observable universe” through this video sharing and see if you to aren’t left in awe with its many messages.