As one who has survived . . .
1. being crushed and buried alive under an overturned truck (at age 18)
2. being lost in a true rain forest “down under” at Port Edwards, Australia (in 1994)
3. having a full blown failing heart while snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef in the Pacific Ocean off the northern coast of Australia and being left alone standing neck deep on coral reefs while my guides returned to get a rescue boat
4. undergoing a heart transplant (Oct ’94) and living a fulfilled life for over 16 years now
5. with radiation that has turned away Prostate Cancer (Sept ’01) for almost 10 years now

. . . I found this book, The Survivor’s Club (by Ben Sherwood), a fascinating read.  Not only does it offer many amazing survival stories but explores the science behind their survival, offering tested advice for us all to improve our survival chances if and when we encounter such challenges.

Check it out and visit their web site at The Survivor’s Club and take a test to see what type of survivor you are (their theme is that we are all survivor’s to some degree or another and that survival techniques can be learned, thus improving your chances of survival when your life is threatened.

Fascinating read – let me know what you think after reading it.  Meanwhile, I’ll just go on surviving until my life’s task is complete.

PS: What would you guess studies have show as the most important human trait critical to survival in all type of circumstances?  Answer: “faith in God”  While not a religious book, there are many findings that are spiritual in nature in the findings.