How can it possibly be that 2-1/2 months have passed since my last blog entry here?  Wow, is life moving fast or what?  I know that must be true for your own life too, so lets just hang on together and enjoy the day and make a difference today and every day, OK?

Need some uplifting music in your life today? My sister Maggie passed along this little bit of sunshine via YouTube music vidoe to me today and I couldn’t resist sharing her gift with you . . .  

It features a 1980s pop classic. The rock band Toto scored their biggest hit with Africa in 1982. The song is instantly recognizable. But it has been reinvented.  Perpetuum Jazzile is an a cappella jazz choir from Slovenia. It’s hard to think of something further from an ‘80s rock band. But their version of Africa may best the original. The group has amazing voices. But the beginning of this video is really striking. Group members simulate an African thunderstorm with their hands. It’s really something to see and hear.