Note: just discovered this post left from January in draft form – i.e., never published… so here it is, better late than never…

The truely blessed life I enjoy is a unique on in several respects.  Sure, getting a heart transplant and living with that donated heart (for which I say daily, “Thank you, Roberto!”) now going on 15 years certainly seems unique, but you wouldn’t imagine how many of “us” there are out here these days.  For example, I share membership in a local Philadelphia area heart transplant support group called “Second Chance” (a good name, yes?) which has over 1,000 living heart transplant recipients on its roles, and that’s just locally!  But what makes my situation even more blessed/unique is a passion I share with my wife, Pam, who is herself a “donor mom” – that is, she lost her 13 year old son, Christopher, back in 1997, and donated his organs, saving three lives in the process.  Together we share a totally different appreciation for life and that has evolved into a passion for sharing those experiences in an effort to raise awareness of the need for more organ donors and the success of organ and tissue transplantation to save the over 100,000 patients currently waiting for a donated organ to save their lives.

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