Every once in a while you come across that story that makes you want to smile, and this morning I began my day with this one, so felt like sharing it with you here . . .

This Internet video sensation features travelers at the Antwerp, Amsterdam train station at first befuddled, and then delighted as a mass dance breaks out to music from “The Sound of Music.” It turns out the event was staged as a Dutch TV promotion last month, but it still makes us smile.

I hope it inspires you to both smile and to go out today and share that smile with others. That’s often a fun game I play myself, counting how many smiles I can “collect” in my travels, interacting with the people I run into and if I can make them smile, that counts as one to add to my “score” – simple but it does make the world a better place, “one heart at a time.”

I hope this visit left you with a smile.