I'm thinking and inviting you to join me . . . Working on a very different presentation for a Christian men’s breakfast meeting this Palm Sunday morning, I ask those men to reflect on “What would you imagine Jesus was thinking on that Palm Sunday morning those many years ago?” 

My own response to that as you will see in my Palm Sunday post here tomorrow, is that maybe He was probably thinking about death.  I challenge them to think about their own death and what that dying experience might be like for each of them.  Then I share insights from my own facing death experiences (see tomorrow’s post for those three stories and the lessons learned from each).  About that time in my writing, I enjoyed a phone conversation with my sister, Maggie.  She recalled something related that had been on that morning’s CBS The Early Show.  They were discussing a very interesting book titled “One Month to Live” and went on to interview some town’s people in Clinton, Oklahoma, who are in fact, living out the challenge of living life for one month as if that were the one month they had left to live.

Intrigued, an easy Google search turned up that title and there was the Early Show video story allowing me see what this was all about.  You can see it too at http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4905842n and better understand the concept.

Well, you know me, just continued out to Amazon.com and found not only the book, One Month to Live, but its accompanying Guidebook and Journal, and immediately ordered that whole set.  Are you intrigued too, not with the fact that we all have an unknown limited time to live out our lives, but more so as to what impact knowing that fact would have in how we would live that remaining finite time?  Take the poll to share what you think about this question:


There is a wealth of background information on their web site about the concept (including an excerpt from the book to give us the flavor of its reading – see for yourself by downloading the sample PDF chapter at http://www.onemonthtolive.com/includes/pdf/omtl_excerpt.pdf and I so wish you were all local to me here in Beverly NJ to be able to form a group to read and share our thoughts about the book and its thoughtful content and challenge.  Lacking that, maybe some would like to share here in responses to this post that would develop into into a conversation among us.  What do you think?  Interested?  Amazon, because I always go for their free shipping which means slow delivery, expects to have me those books by April 23rd, so I’m not going to be jumping into it until then, but once I get them am committing to sharing my thoughts as I read and journal with posts here on my blog.  If you care to dialogue on either what I post here or on thoughts from reading the book yourself, I would welcome your company.

In the meanwhile, to find out more, check out their book and concept-promoting web site at http://www.onemonthtolive.com

Check back tomorrow (Sunday April 5th) to see the Palm Sunday post of that men’s breakfast presentation here…