Event date: Wednesday, March 18, 2009

April 2009 - Donate Life month in the US

April 2009 - Donate Life month in the US

There I was again, flying back from a couple days of UNOS committee meetings in Chicago, finding myself sitting next to a nice young lady with whom I would have naturally (usually to the embarrassment of any one flying with me) engaged in conversation that eventually would lead to promoting organ donation.  But not this time.  I was tired after two days of grueling meetings and had a talk to prepare for an upcoming Palm Sunday men’s group breakfast.  It was one of those flights that these days you have to pay for any snack they might have to offer.  I came prepared with a small bag of pretzels left over from that hotel meeting.  My seat mate ordered the snack of potato chips – can you imagine – $3 for a small bag of chips!  Well, when she was handed a ful tall can of chips, both she and I were so surprised that a natural conversation ensued over the “huge” snack, which she offered to share and I declined given I already had my tiny bag of pretzels.

Ok, once a conversation is started, it would be rude to not at least ask some open question of her, right?  And from that I came to learn that her name was Amanda, that she worked for American Express, lived with her husband and cat in a small 200 person village in the distant countryside of England, and was on business for an overnight meeting in Philadelphia before returning to Chicago the next day, and then on back to England.  Wow, talk about a job commute!  When she asked what I had been working on with my computer, I was drawn into chatting about my talk which began with reflections on Jesus thinking about His upcoming death on that Palm Sunday parade scene, how I was going to use my own personal experiences facing death three times, which brought out the subject of my heart transplant and that is how we got to talk about being an organ donor.  Simple and it always seems to happen, just like that.

By the time we got to Philadelphia, Amanda was  ready to go home and talk to her family about being an organ donor.  Mission accomplished, again!  And boy how the trip time flies when you get so engaged in passionate topics.  Yes we explored the differences in the donation process in England vs. that in this country, as well as explaining the facts vs. some myths she had heard over the years.  Organ donation and religion’s support was covered, as well as many other aspects of the subject.  It is always so interesting to see how people are open to such conversation.

When you are traveling or just encounter people in everyday life, do you find it as easy to engage them in the subject of organ donation?  This really is a one person at a time campaign, and your personal testimony makes all the difference in the world, especially to that one person whose life you may save in making that convert of this casual audience of one.