Just came across a recorded webcast of an actual heart transplant operation.  So many ask me about my heart transplant, and since I wasn’t awake to know what that experience was really like (being under anesthesia at the time), let me offer you this ring side seat for the whole procedure:

(viewer warning: the following contains graphic scenes of an actual surgery, so come prepared, but also be prepared to be fascinated – you can only imagine how fascinating this video must be to me as a 15 year – as of 2009 – survivor of a heart transplant)

So, what are you planning to do with your own heart after you no longer need it?  My overall message is simple: organ transplants work, make a personal decision about becoming an organ donor, and most importantly, tell your loved ones what that decision is, and register the decision with your state’s organ donor registry (usually the motor vehicle agency that issues your driver’s license).  As one man so aptly said, “It isn’t a question whether you are going to be an organ donor or not.  You will be a donor!  The question is are you going to donate to the ground, or donate to save someone’s life?”  I’m a registered organ donor (of course), are you?

PS: If you have any concerns about being an organ donor, feel free to write to me and I will help with my own insights from these many years of life with Roberto’s donated heart.  Meet my donor, Roberto Quebas:

My heart donor, Roberto

My heart donor, Roberto