Pennstar admirers, Jim & Sam

Pennstar admirers, Jim & Sam

Several years back, my good heart transpalnt buddy, Sam, and I enjoyed touring the Pennstar helicopter that is used in our area to both rescue accident victims and transport organs donated for transplant at a local transplant patient social event.  Look as those smiles and you can “feel” the joy in our lives.  

People often ask, “So Jim, are you so optimistic/happy with life because of the successful heart transplant, or were you always that way?” to which I have to honestly reply, “I’ve always been this way, but certainly the heart experience has reinforced that and also made it possible for me to enjoy that outlook for these 15 years of life extension because of my donor’s gift of life back in October of ’94”  As you read in that earlier post, I do believe that the life we experience is affected in many ways by the attitude we choose in responding to what comes our way in this life.  That includes the joy we find in our everyday lives.

Today, I was send a link to a web movie that makes the point better than my words here, so I share it now – Simple Secrets of the Happy Life by Mark Anderson.  

So sit back, and I invite you to turn up your speakers and enjoy that movie message of inspiration and just focus on the joys ahead in your life today. (click on the movie title)