. . . how busy life can be – yes, even in retirement!  And all those years so many say, “I can’t wait until I retire and then I will be able to relax and do all those things I want to do.”  I confess, I don’t recall ever feeling or saying that, having been able to integrate whatever I wanted to do into a busy and time filled family and business life.  My advice, looking back from the “other side” of that retiremenet decision (3 years now) is that it doesn’t get slower no matter how you approach it, and that isn’t just from my own experience, rather its what I hear from everyone as they age – life keeps moving faster as they seem to be sliding down the slide of life towards the inevitable conclusion we all will share in common. 

I began this blog with such good intentions and am humbled when I come back and see how long it has become between entries here.  The thoughts and life adventures are with me everyday and I so want to share them here, but that day goes by busier than the one before it, filled with great adventure and fun, and its gotten too late to sit down and capture that day’s story here to share with you.  “Sorry ’bout that!”

So what’s the answer?  Dont’ bother blogging (sharing) would be an easy answer – one less thing to schedule into an already busy life.  Would you care?  Would you miss this?  I doubt it, although I wish the answer were otherwise, but then you too have your own busy life and why make time to read about mine?  Hummm… that’s a thought.  But I really do enjoy sharing this wonderful life, hoping that in that sharing your own life will be better for the insights shared or the thoughts that reverberate with your own spirit in that sharing.  So I have to discover a better way to keep up with this thing I enjoy doing.  Its also a sense of permanence – no, not forever, but as in the sense of journeling that so many enjoy and keep those wirtings just for their own private reading (something I have never found an interest in) but in the blog you share that journal with the world, even if that “world” is only the writer himself.  But then the writer does hope there are others “out there” reading and enjoying the shared stories and thoughts.

So how then?  Part of me says its a simple matter of self-discipline.  Set aside some part of the day to just write like this.  Then again, I’ve said the same about exercise (“start each day with an early rising and get out and walk, use the exercise bike, go to that YMCA for a swim, etc”), about healthy eating habits and loosing weight (“plan and record each day’s food so that I am aware and thus better control my eating habits..” – got the software to do that, know that it would work, but fail repeatedly in the daily execution), about finishing my book (got the written goals and plan, need to block out time each day to just keep writing the next chapter, and with only two to go – there’s 112 chapters done already – that last chapter has been hanging for 6 months or more now), well you get the idea.  Each day’s priorities and scheduled activities overcome the good intentions of such plans.  Yes, I did commit to doing something that worked before, to get up at 5:30am each morning and use that “extra” 1-1/2 hours to accomplish each of those tasks, but with a cold winter (current excuse) and an electric blanket that makes for a nice, inviting, warm bed cover to stay under, instead I have rolled back over and enjoyed the retiree’s option of staying in bed for “just a little while longer” and boy, does that ever feel good too!

Now there’s that saying that if you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting the outcome to be different, that’s the definition of being crazy (or something like that), so I hesitate to just commit to doing it again, but maybe I can add something to make it different this time, and after all, it is coming into brighter mornings now with Spring upon us, so it should be easier to get up early and do this, right? 

So, here’s my plan (developing even as I write this)… 

First, to get up early, specifically at 5:30am, thus adding more time to the day to accomplish these things.  Of course that would be easier if bedtime was at a more reasonable hour than midnight (or later, given the interests that fill the day to overflowing and so I keep going late into the night/moring hours), so that has to be part of it: getting to bed by 11.

Second, maybe by writing the blog regularly (hummm… how often per week?  daily?? no, probably too much and might loose its pleasure that way – so maybe three times a week – that seems reasonable – ok, its 3 times a week), making it a specific time of the day (first thing?  little would get in the way at that time and its then a priority, being first thing of the day – or, maybe better done at end of day?  – then we have the activities of the day as fuel to write about… definitely leaving it to sometime during the day will not work since so many other things will just run over it that I doubt it will get done at all), and finally…

Third, keeping the writing to a short burst of thoughts/sharings instead of this mind dump from the past month (or months) that rambles on into a long entry that probably is too long for the reader anyway to sporatically find and enjoy reading.  Yes, that’s it.  Given that frequency, the recent life adventures will be easier to capture and offer in a more concise regular entry that hopefully will be interesting enough to keep you, my readers, coming back for more since you know there will be new insights offered three times a week.  Ok, let’s try that… starting with this entry of planning and committment to self-discipline to that goal.

Asking you now . . .
So, how do you keep your own life priorities under control, or do you share in my frustration of too many riches in your daily life experience to keep up with – and isn’t that a wonderful thing, having so many blessings that they overflow like that?  Let us hear how you deal with such challenges with your replies to this entry.

Until the next time we meet here… I pray you too will enjoy the blessings of a full and fulfilling life experience of that gift we call “TODAY!”

– Jim (the “heart guy” – sharing almost 15 years of a donated heart)