Along with some favorite music shared in a recent post (see “Over the Rainbow” a few days back), let me also share with you some favorite web sites discoveries that offer more very uplifting positive opportunities for adding fascinating education and human interest stories that warm the heart to our daily lives . . .

Discovering “What’s Possible” every day

Daryn's stories are also now available in book form


First, there is Daryn Kagan’s news stories of “What’s Possible” on her web site. Each day this professional (former CNN world reporter) shares a story of what’s possible in our lives with uplifting short pieces about love, life, survival, and just positive news to counter balance the daily newscasts of trouble around the world. If you register on that site she will send you a daily link to each story and believe me when I tell you, your day will be lifted and blessed by the inspirations of what people are doing with their lives, a really great way to start your day. And if you want to see my favorite story, check out the one Daryn did about us at Heart love story

Passion for daily learning and growth

Ideas worth sharing

Ideas worth sharing

One of my own passions is to expand my mind and learn something new each day which led me to this discovery. On a very different level, check out to see expert presentations from far and wide on subjects that will amaze you as these experts and passionate people share research and interests (some are musical performances) to widen your own mind. An outgrowth of a national conference bringing experts on many subjects together to compete for monies and awards (to make their own wish come true), don’t try to digest too much of this “buffet of information” in one visit, rather take the moment from your day to visit and watch just one, digest that and see how your life and interests broaden over time.  One to start with might be Jehane Noujaim: her TED Prize wish: Unite the world on Pangea Day, a global day of film

One note of caution!
Viewing these presentations can get habit forming and eat up significant parts of one’s day. Check out David Bolinsky animates a cell and watch what is going on inside your body’s cells – stay tuned til the movie at the end of his 9 minute presentation – fascinating!